3 Common Causes of Shoulder and Elbow Pain

Having shoulder and elbow pain? Can’t able to do your regular activities? Looking for treatments to get relief from both shoulder and elbow pain? Are there any exercises to get rid of the pain?  Or want to go for surgery treatment to clear those pains? This is your question regarding shoulder and elbow pain right!! Well, this is the right place to get an answer to your questions.

3 Common causes of shoulder and elbow pain:

Prior to knowing the answer to your questions and move on to treatment, I would like to ask you a question. At any time of suffering shoulder and elbow pain, do you think about the reason for those pains? It is must to know causes of shoulder and elbow pain so that you can able to avoid those factors right!!

Unfortunately, not alone you, many people have suffered from elbow and shoulder pain. These pains limit the people’s daily activities. Therefore, people can’t able to do what they liked to do.

Below I give you the 3 common causes of shoulder and elbow pain.

Common causes of shoulder pain:


Due to athletic activities, muscles and ligaments of the shoulder are stretched more than the normal limit. In this case, shoulder instability and dislocation may occur and you can able to identify this cause from its symptoms such as pain, weakened arm and looseness.

Shoulder separation:

When ligaments are torn or partially torn, shoulder separation will occur and it results in severe pain as symptoms.

Shoulder tendonitis:

Shoulder tendonitis is a kind of inflammation which is happening because of repeated actions that related to head and arms overhead. It gives a tear as a symptom.

Common causes of elbow pain:

Nerve entrapment injury:

If you experience anyone from chronic irritation, pressure or injury, then the ulnar nerve gets compressed. This results in nerve entrapment injury and also causes direct injury.

Lateral epicondylitis:

This is caused by damages to the tendons and it happens because of repetitive athletic activities.

Medial epicondylitis:

Medial epicondylitis is a pain from the elbow to wrist. This pain is an outcome of repetitive motion such as clicking and snapping.

That’s all!! these are the 3 common causes of shoulder and elbow pain. Okay, now coming to your questions.

Treatments for shoulder and elbow pain:

There are plenty of treatments avails to treat your shoulder and elbow pain. The treatment includes simple movements like exercises to surgery options. Choosing a treatment is based on the condition of your pain. If it’s crossed the initial stage and you may cause by severe issues, then you should consult your doctors and take the next step.

Otherwise, there are more exercises that help you to get rid of shoulder and elbow pain. Those exercises help you to reduce pain. However, the best way to reduce these pains is rest. Take more rest and say goodbye to your athletic activities for few days until completely recover from pain.