3 Hidden Secrets Behind High-Converting Emails

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Email marketing is the most important tool for anyone running a business. Whether you’ve a product to sell, you’re a affiliate marketer selling other people’s products, or you’re a business owner, you need email. If you don’t know how to convert email subscribers into customers and buyers, you’re missing out a lot of sales!

In this guest post, you’ll learn the secrets to high converting emails.

Everything begins with a subject line

You need to make people to open your emails. People need a good subject line to open your emails. Your subject line draws their attention and encourages them to open your emails.

Bulk Email Marketing

One of the most famous copywiters, Eugene Schewartz, in his 1966’s Breakthrough Advertising, explains that beginning with your title, everyone has only one job, and that is to force people to read each sentence.

Copywriters use a number of tricks to create worthy subject lines for clicks. Some of them are:

  • Using curiosity questions
  • Using scarcity that plays on the fear of mission out
  • Using numbers
  • Using the ‘curiosity gap’ technique
  • Using personalization

If the optimal email subject line is 65 characters, 51% of people will open your emails on mobile. Things to consder when writing the email’s headlines:

  • The iPhone in portrait mode shows 35-38 characters and 80 in landscape mode.
  • The Galaxy S4 shows 33 characters in portrait mode and 72 characters in landscape mode.
  • The iPad displays 39 characters in both orientations.
  • Shows up to iPhone 6+63.
  • Finally, the desktop is slightly longer, which mainly depends on the screen’s size. But as a rule of thumb, it’s around 78 characters long.

Bulk Email MarketingWrite for the web

Email marketing copy writing is similar to writing a web copy. This means that something is very important. Read the following carefully:

  • Follow a logical structure.
  • Keep paragraphs short.
  • Include one main idea per paragraph.

Feel free to use bullets and subheadings to break up the volume of text and make your emails scannable.

Don’t shout; it’s spammy

Avoid all the caps and many exclamation marks on both the subject line and the body of the email. All caps are the equivalent of shouting online, even overusing them screams spammy email marketing. This will affect the rate at which your email is opened. Not only that, if enough subscribers complain about you, it will also hurt your email deliverability, and you may be added to the blacklist due to your email newsletter service.