4 Battlelands Royale Tips

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4 Battlelands Royale Tips

Battle Royale crace is still going strong! It’s very hot on mobile devices. Battlelands is here to give you with a Fortnite and PUBG mobile battle royale alternative. You can play and finish a game in just a few minutes.

If you’re interested in a more beautiful and easy-to-digest battle royale experience, the royal is well worth a visit, and here are the top 5 tips and tricks you need to know for battle lands royale.

Stack up double XP boosters

Stack up double XP boostersYou tap on the double XP option in the bottom right corner of the main menu. Up to three of these XP boosters can be stacked simultaneously by watching a series of short video ads.

You can use 3 double XP boosters after your last 3 matches. Repeat the process of watching more video ads. This method will quickly fill the meter attached to your current season ranking. This will open up more currency and cosmetic items. Paying for the battle pass is also a viable option if you want to claim even more rewards when the new season reaches the stacks.

Pick your spots carefully

Before a match kicks off, you need to decide where your character parachutes Pick your spots carefullyshould go. The underworld map is scattered with plenty of places to decide on. Open spaces such as Airbase, Prison, Gas Station, Trainyard, etc. are the best ones. Shipyard is one of the areas specifically built for the close quarterly combat.

Most players tend to descend on the more secluded areas of the meadow. You can use the same strategy if you choose. Or you can follow a different approach by landing into the above areas. This makes your character a little faster than the opposition.

From time to time, the other players descend into those open locales. When this happens, be quick on the draw and equip yourself. Don’t engage with other players when you are unarmed. Also, make sure that you don’t zero the number of unarmed players without a gun. You have to carefully select your spots among other players in your neighborhood. When you are fully armed, make good use of the shrubs and buildings you come to use hiding and defensive mechanics.

Shield up and stay alive

Search for Shield icons as much as you can – fill the shield meter completely when you have a full HD meter. This will give you two HP meters to work with. It is important that you increase your chances of survival during the firefight. This is essential for battle lands success.

After you wipe out a player, look for additional shield and health pickups. Remember the colors that indicate damage – blue indicates shield damage, white indicates direct physical damage, and red indicates critical damage.

Stay on top of your challenges

Battlelands royale gives you some challenges to win. The mission comes i the form of daily, weekly mystery and weekly battle pass challenges. These challenges are very difficult. At the same time try to finish everything within a certain time attached to them. You are rewarded with XP for completing the challenges. This will require you to fill out your season ranking meter and request new rewards.