5 Time-Saving Ways Teachers Can Use Google Forms

5 Time-Saving Ways Teachers Can Use Google Forms

As you all know Google is a great source which is highly used around the world. Especially Google is highly utilized by the students and teachers to gather their required data. In order to favor these students and teachers Google have also launched enormous applications and services. Google also holds certain applications for storing data. In spite of these features, Google forms are one of the favorite features which are highly used in the field of education. Especially these forms are considered as the great source for saving and tracking data by the teachers.

Are you new to Google form?

Are you a person who is new to Google form? This means who have missed a greatest facility provided by Google. This is a spot for storing any kind of data or survey. Anything stored in this form will automatically get aggregated into the Google spreadsheet. And these spreadsheets can be shared with anyone whom you are supposed to share the particular data. By using these spreadsheets, the teachers can easily track or review data any time. If you are a teacher and if you are interested in using the Google forms in your classroom, here are the best 5 ways in which Google forms can be effectively used.

Maintain and collect contact information

Gathering the contact of a single person is so easy that they can be maintained manually. But teachers are the people who are supposed to collect and maintain the contact of many students in their respective classes. In such case, the Google forms can be used for maintaining the contact details of parents. By doing so, teachers can easily access the contact details to send any invitation or mail to the parents of their students. Thus, more time can be saved out of it.

For making survey

For making surveyGoogle forms are one of the best options which can be used for surveying. By using this application the teachers can take any survey and can maintain them safely for future reference. If needed, they can also share these surveys with the students or with their colleagues. For example the Google sheet can be used for surveying the growth percentage of students and the sheet can be shared with the corresponding parents. This will make the best choice for sending the elaborated report to the parents regarding their kid’s activities.

For creating rubrics

Creating rubric with Google forms will help in grading the population. That is they can be used for evaluating the talent of the students. In educational term it can be defined that the rubrics can be used to grade the students by considering their assignments. This can also be used for providing feedback to the students regarding the work done by them. Even though this sounds to be a tedious process, they can be easily done through Google forms. This also adds advantage for the students that they can make a great assessment on the improvement in their studies.

For collecting homework

Collecting homework is really a tedious process for many teachers. Especially if the crowd is higher, collecting homework and checking out will consume more time. But Google forms make this process easy. In case if the students are working with any video, they can upload it online and can share them with their teacher. Thus, the teacher can track the work done by their students instantly. The students can also share the blog posts done by them. Thus, collecting homework will not be a problem anymore for the teachers who are using Google forms.

For interacting and tracking

For interacting and trackingThe ultimate intention of every teacher is to interact with their students and to track their activities. Both this task can be done easily with Google forms. The teachers can share sheets regarding the homework given and they can also ask the students to share feedback about the classes. Even the students can make use of these sheets to raise queries and the teachers can answer them accordingly.

These are not the only uses of Google forms; they can be used for several other educational programs. Today as the technology is reaching its peak, using these advanced procedures means a lot for real time education. The online education can also be stated as a great revolution in education. Today many students tend to make use of the online opportunities to sort out their educational doubts. For example there are many online sites which can be hired for college physics help. By using these sites, the students can sort out their queries instantly.