Can I Steam Clean My Wool Area Rug?

Carpets made of wool material gives lukewarm to walk and for home too, so this is the preferable option for more people during the winter season and coolest area where they live. But, one and all asks the same question as can I steam clean my wool area rug, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining of carpet. At the same time, cleaning wool carpet requires some precautions steps to clean. Keep continue your reading to get an answer for your question.

Can I steam clean my wool area rug?

Do you have wool carpet in your home? Well, you have a most durable and as well as true carpet fiber to get excellent features of wool carpet. Even though the nylon materials come to the market to dominate the wool rug carpet, the wool carpet maintains its top place always because of this highest quality. You can able to look wool materials nowadays market, but it consumes much more money than all other available materials for flooring. Based on the type of fibers used on the wool carpet, the cost is increased from 4 to 10 times than normal carpets.

So, replacing your old wool carpet and buying a new one is a cost consuming task, but is better to clean to maintain the quality for many years to save your bank account.

Cleaning wool area rug with steam cleaning:

Thankfully, you can clean your carpet with steam cleaning, but you need to follow some precaution steps to avoid problems in future. But, while using steam carpet cleaning machine, you need to avoid using of high alkaline cleaning agents and as well as allows your carpet to dry well for more time. Now, you might ask, why I need to go with steam clean rather than a cold one because steam cleaning kills more and more bacteria and results in completely free from germs carpet to get rid of allergic or asthma problems. This is the reason why you need to use steam cleaning for all kinds of carpet but based on the materials used on it.

Chemicals required cleaning wool carpet:

Without using chemicals, it is not that much effective on cleaning process and you won’t feel freshness, so you can make use some mild chemicals. But, you need to ensure that your cleaning agent doesn’t include high alkaline cleaning agents and pH level should be less than 8.5. This is because it results in discoloration and fiber degradation too. You know, this is the major different between cleaning of wool and carpet.

In addition to that, you also need to be very careful in using cleaning and that should not be too hot. And, you have not bleach your wool to prevent dissolving wool. These are some of the precaution steps that you need to keep in mind before using steam cleaning machine. By using these guidelines, you can able to clean your wool rugs every year without damaging it.