Can I Take Rental Car To Europe?

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Can I Take Rental Car To Europe

Looking to tour Europe in a rental car? Having a car gives you a lot of freedom and convenient when traveling through Europe. Before you map out your route, it is always a good idea to consider these things like your rental car company’s rental terms, whether the car driver has international driving permission, your budget, and the nature of the local landscape and culture of where you are going. Knowing these things can save you money and even major travel headaches.

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Can you cross any European border in a rental car?

Can you cross any European border in a rental car

The appropriate answer to this question is ‘yes.’ Rental car companies often don’t prohibit crossing borders. It is always worth checking the Ts and Cs for your contract and asking the opposite staff where you can take the car.

Some car hire companies don’t allow their luxury or sports cars to enter certain other countries. For instance, Germany doesn’t allow their cars Mercedes and BMW into Italy, and Spanish don’t allow their cars on ferries to the Balearic islands.

How to cross the border in your rental car?

Before you book a car first, check the Ts & Cs of the car you want to pick up. Check to see if it can take into another country.

Before you pick up the car, let the rental car company know that you want to move the car to another country. You may be required to sign an additional document or pay an additional fee. This way your rental will be safe abroad.

If you drive your rental car into a new country without doing the above, you lose your rental protection.

This means that if you have met an accident, your car is stolen or damaged, the rental company will not be held responsible. In addition, the rental company may charge a penalty for crossing the border without their authorization.

Do you have to pay extra to cross the border?

Do you have to pay extra to cross the borderYes. Generally, when you pick up a car, you have to pay the fee in the name of the ‘cross-border fee.’ This fee will extend the basic damage, theft and third party protection of your rental. So, this will work in another country.

If you want to take your rental car abroad, hire car companies will insure the car for you. This can result in a rental being temporarily allows taking to a new country. They will charge you for this.

How much does it cost to cross the border?

Each rental company sets its own rates differently.

Can you cross a border for free?

Generally, if you take the car to another country, you will have to pay cross-border fees. But some rental car companies, such as Europcar, offer car deals abroad. This way you won’t have to pay extra. All the details for any rental car can be found in Ts & Cs.

What about dropping the car off in other countries?

Some car rental companies allow their cars to be left in any other country. For this, they charge both a cross-border fee and a one-way fee. The cost of a one-way fee is high.

So it would be cheaper to return the rental in the same country you took and to cross any boundaries on your journey.