Eczema and its Natural Cure


Are you cornered by eczema? Here is the solution. Care for eczema is must, take medications as prescribed by doctor. Dandruff is the clear sign of eczema. There are different functions of skin diseases with same symptoms. Clear indication of eczema can be found out only through several tests. Natural therapy, phototherapy and through medication eczema can be controlled. Absolute cure of eczema is not possible as it reappears after a period of time. Red flakes, skin dryness and irritation are the effects of eczema.

Eczema Initiate the process

First to overcome the eczema is by eliminating dryness from the skin. Dryness can be reduced by the application of moisturizers externally. Intake of good amount of water provides hydration to your skin. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Wear cotton dress, to ease out the irritation of your skin. To retain the natural oil from your skin, natural remedies are available. Coconut oil is the natural moisturizing agent which gives soothing effect to your skin. It helps out to reduce the skin inflammation and irritation.

Clinical and Natural cure

To rebuild the structure of your skin, fermented cod liver oil is used as a great source of healthy fats for your body. It might be hereditary factors lead to eczema. Poor hygiene can never be a reason for eczema. Avoid allergic foods.

  • Apply coconut oil on the affected areas of your skin with a cotton ball and leave it overnight.
  • Avoid cosmetic products.
  • Avoid hot showers, lukewarm water is preferable.
  • Sea salt and magnesium baths are used to stop skin irritation and pain.
  • Turmeric powder has anti-bacterial properties, which cures the infection.
  • Salicylic acid, ketaconazole, corticosteroids and anti-fungal shampoos comes like a redeemer for scalp eczema.


Eczema Command over Eczema

In infants, eczema over the scalp can be cleared by a milder shampoo. It is also called as cradle cap. It cures as the day goes on. If irritation gets severe, consult your child’s specialist. Scalp Eczema for adults affects your scalp with loss of hair. Common effects of eczema are red flakes, scaly patches and inflammatory skin with itchiness. Skin loses its moisture and deficiency of natural skin oil. Phototherapy can be done to cure eczema. Natural methods to retain the moisture can be by exfoliation, moisturizers and cleaning.


Whatever might be, eczema should be handled with care. Avoid allergic foods which aggravate irritation. Anyone can be prone to eczema. It occurs due to environmental condition and by genetic factors.