FLIR K2 Thermal Imaging Firefighting Camera with MSX

FLIR K2 Thermal Imaging Firefighting Camera with MSX

FLIR K2 is a compact thermal imaging camera. It’s a lightweight camera. It can be attached with SCBA gear. It is an intuitive interface camera. So, firefighters can focus on the job at hand. And it’s single large button makes the camera simple. So, it is activated with heavy gloves also.

The K2’s economical price makes more powerful for firefighters. We can spend a small investment for this camera, but it gives us a very big dividend such as safety, life-saving, properties protecting.

Strong and Reliable camera:

The FLIR K2 cameras are operating in tough conditions also. The K2 withstands a 2-meter drop onto concrete. It is a water resistant camera. It is capable of operating +260 degree Celsius for almost 3 minutes. There are multiple image modes. FLIR K2 will be set to one of five different imaging modes. These modes are fitting the scenario of the unit. By using the FLIR tools, the modes are changed.

The K2 camera patented Multi-spectral dynamic imaging system. It etches key details from the built-in visible light camera to the thermal image. It helps the firefighters to identify structures and surroundings.

The FLIR K2 thermal camera has multiple firefighting applications. You can see through smoke and it will help and guide your team and take necessary efforts against fire attack. It finds victims faster under the murkiest condition. The K2 helps to search and rescue missions too.
Heat detection mode helps to identify hidden spots. You can found everyone in an accident or an open landscape. The heat detection mode is operated at the highest temperature. Cold detection mode helps to find airflow which allows firefighters to prevent backdraft and flashovers. This mode operates only in the high sensitivity range.

This thermal imager runs using two rechargeable batteries.