GoWISE USA GW22611 GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer

Electric Air Fryer

Do you want to buy a medium sized air fryer? Looking for a budget-friendly air fryer? If like so, then at last you reached the right place to find the best option for your kitchen. In this section, we’re going to know about GoWISE USA GW22611 GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer, which is one of best air fryers available in the market.

Features of GoWISE USA GW22611 GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer:

Here are some of the reasons for recommending this air fryer for you and your family members to taste traditionally fried foods.

Electric Air Fryer8-in-1 air fryer

This air fryer is designed with 8 cooking presets and also a conveniently programmed device. These 8 pre-settings help to cook chips, chicken, steak, fish, meat, cake, and warm-up. However, it also allows manual settings for timer and temperature for preparing other foods.

Removable pan

There are removable pan and basket available in the electric air fryer, so it is very easy for you to clean the components of air fryer.

Cool touch hand grip

This air fryer is equipped with a cool touch hand grip to serve the foods. In order to provide a cool touch, there is an eject button on the handle that releases the basket from the air fryer and allows to serve fried foods in the fryer.

Rapid air technology

The rapid air technology used in the air fryer cooks foods using less oil or sometimes without oil too.

Multiple recipes

By using this air fryer, you can able to prepare various recipes such as Seasoned fries, Bacon wrapped shrimp, Basil bruschetta, Lemon garlic crusted salmon, Chewy brownies and like more.

30 minutes timer

There is a 30-minute timer option in the air fryer to turn fryer to standby mode after 30 minutes and also indicated you about cooked food.

Temperature control

This device allows you to set temperature based on the foods you’re preparing from 176 to 392 F, so between this temperature range, you can choose anyone for your food.

Electric Air FryerPros:

There is an automatic shutoff function that turns off the fryer either times up or basket is removed from the fryer.

It is very easy to clean the components of air fryer.

This is ETL certified air fryer for your kitchen

A cool touch hand grip allows serving fried foods in basket

Final words:

At last, you found an excellent air fryer for your family to enjoy fried food items right!!