How To Treat Lice With Olive Oil?

Every mother is using the comb to look for head lice when you realize that your child had head lice. You desired to choose between the traditional olive oil lice treatment and it acts more natural head lice treatment. The head lice olive oil treatment is one of the most effective ways to get rid of these lice (little parasites). The olive oil lice treatment is a simple, easy and cheap method.

This entire session goes with olive oil lice treatment, one most effective natural remedy for lice because it acts as a suffocating agent. If you are the parent seeking for olive oil lice treatment then you are in the right path of searching information.

“Olive oil is far more valuable than most other vegetable oil, but it is costly and time-consuming to produce – and surprisingly easy to doctor”

Eliminate lice in 3 step process:

  • killing the live lice
  • remove the nits by combing
  • clean the hair and home environment

Choose the right path:

The right approach to kill the lice is between the pesticides and natural remedy. As the children’s scalp easily absorbs the chemical material so it is preferential to consider the risk factors of pesticides that entering into the body. The best suggestion by a doctor is one of the safeties first for the child. You just enter into the chemical substances only if the natural remedy fails.

Olive oil is effective remedy for lice:

“The olive oil is surely the richest gift of heaven”

The entire parts of olive oil tree possess interesting properties for medical purposes. In ancient Greece, the olive oil is used as ointment to treat aches, ulcers and even cholera. True fact, that olive oil is coating by the skin of adult lice, it deprives them of oxygen, so no longer breathe and die.

Apply olive oil for the treatment of head lice:

You can definitely use the olive oil to treat head lice, apply the sufficient olive oil on your child’s hair and leave for whole night, or preferably for 3 to 4 hours, after the time up rinses the hair with mild shampoo. Comb the hair with a head lice comb so as to remove dead lice.

Sometimes it is applicable to go with three to four wash for complete removal the oil. As this not work 100%.  So you must have some live lice for that you need to remove them manually or once again repeat the treatment.

Determine the problem of active head lice infestation, other types of suffocating agent have been suggested to you but olive oil appears to be most effective. Few practical reasons that make olive oil are the best, because it avoids the side effects of the other treatment.

Bottom line:

The olive oil lice treatment is an inexpensive grade and much easier to wash out the hair than the petroleum jelly and some other substances. Olive oil treatment is a long run but it is recommended for safety and effectiveness.