To Spank or Not to Spank Your Child

Raising a child will be an extremely difficult thing even for the most understanding parent. A child is going to naturally test your limits and it is up to you as apparent to set these boundaries to understand the structure and discipline. The ball is always going to be in your court when it comes to the disciplining your child.

To Spank or Not to Spank Your Child:

When it comes to the topic of discipline it is uncommon for parents and that are pro spanking. They were spanked as a child and they don’t want their child to grow up to be spoiled. Spanking is an emotional punishment that will be more painful and long lasting than any physical pain.

The line between the spanking and then abuse is a thin one. One day you will intend to give a spanking but at the end, you will hit harder than normal. You can view your actions through the child’s eyes and you will cross the line between the harmless spanking and child abuse.

Spanking is more for the parents than for the child. Most of the parents will spank it out of anger, frustration, and stress. This will cause the level of discipline you provide your child. Instead, you can measure the stress and the level of frustration the parent is experiencing.

Not spanking your child will cause them to become spoiled brats. Spanking is not a factor that how spoiled a child becomes. Spanking your child will lead to aggression issues later in life. Children that are spanked tend to mirror the action of their parents.  They will use to learn the physical contact by means of expressing their feelings.

If you are spanking your child then it may cause to suffer from depression, anxiety and any other disorders later in life. Spanking can cause an emotional conflict between the parent and child. A child is supposed to feel safe and protected by their parents.

Career and financial security:

A child who is spanked will develop a variety of emotional issues that includes resentment, feelings and much more. One doesn’t have to look far to see the result of this on career and attitude to the finances.

Deciding whether to spank or not to spank a child is not an easy decision and there will be arguments on both the sides. Spanking will not only lose its effectiveness over time but it will drum up a lot of resentment from your child. Spanking is something that you should use with discretion and teach a child that you have done something bad.

Parents spank for many reasons. Some were spanked by their own parents. Others spank will offers immediate results because it is simply the easiest option.

Many parents who spank say that the reason they use the spanking as a form of discipline. Although the methodology of spanking has been around a long time and it is a better form of discipline.