What is the Best Potting Mix for Tomatoes?

Helpful Garden's review of potting soils for tomatoes

Tomato is the most popular home gardening crop in every country. Tomatoes can thrive in all kinds of climates and conditions. Like all other vegetables, of course, tomatoes need the right kind of soil.

Here is Helpful Garden’s review of potting soils for tomatoes.

When growing tomatoes in containers, a proper potting mix is required. This is what determines the success and failure of growing tomatoes. A good potting soil is light, sterile, and moist, also not compact. Although ready-to-grow potting soils are available in the markets, you can prepare the mix yourself at low cost for growing tomatoes. You should fill the pots with soil medium that works best for growing the container.

Helpful Garden's review of potting soils for tomatoes

Potting soil principles

The potting soil should contain nutrients and water. Similarly, should provide a good support for the roots of the tomatoes plant. At the same time, harmful microorganism should not be compacting or introducing into the growing environment. Garden soil used in containers and grow tomatoes is compact. The roots of water and nutrients are starving. If the soil is compact, this soil will gain a hardness, such as clay that doesn’t absorb water or fertilizers.

Potting soil materials

To make a potting soil mixture well, a combination of organic and inorganic medium must be combined. Mineral products such as perlite, vermiculite and sand make good drainage. The sand should always be clean and should be sold for gardening use. Too much of salt in the sea sand can damage plants.

These mineral-based substances aren’t absorbed, water allowing it to drain out of it. Organic ingredients such as compost, loam and peat moss provide support and nutrients to the plants. When mixing the clay of a good garden with mineral materials, you can use it as a part of the soil mix.

Helpful Garden's review of potting soils for tomatoesPotting soil blends

Various compounds work for tomatoes grown in containers. There is an option is to combine equal parts of peat moss, compost, perlite and commercial potting soil mix. Or you can use peat moss, compost, perlite and clay garden soil as equals. For a very simple mix, mix equal parts garden clay, sand and peat moss. Adding a slow release fertilizer at the time of planting, will provide nutrients to the plants. The amount of fertilizer required for a pot should be determined based on the directions on the package label.

Sterilizing the mix

Before planting tomatoes, it is advisable to disinfect the compost or garden loam mixture. Place the potting soil mixture in a cookie sheet or in a baking pan on the oven for an hour. This is a very simple way to disinfect. A temperature of 210 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to sterilize the potting mix. Heating of garden soil is help to remove bacteria and fungi or any weed seeds that might pop up after planting.