What is the Most Common Crime in Scotland?

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What is the Most Common Crime in Scotland

Statistics of crimes and offences have been recorded and cleared by the police in Scotland and split by crime or offence group and by the local authority.

A statistical trend suggests that – crime types – non-sexual crimes of violence and sexual crimes recorded only 3% and 5% respectively. Dishonesty crimes, which including housebreaking and shoplifting, account for less than half of the overall crimes. That means there is 46%.

Fire-raising, vandalism etc. accounts for 19% of all crimes. And other offences – including handling of offensive weapons, drug crimes and violation of bail conditions – these are account for 25% of all crimes.

Recorded crime in Scotland, 2018-19

Statistics of crimes and offences registered by the police measure of the volume of criminal activity that the police faced. Not all crimes recorded by the police have been reported to the police. So it doesn’t reveal all the crimes.

Main findings:

Recorded crimes and offences in Scotland

The total number of crimes recorded by the police in Scotland in 2018-19 was 246,480. This is 1% higher than the level recorded in 2017-18.

Increases in violent crime

Official figures show that violent crime has increased by 10% since last March. This is the highest level in the last seven years, with 16% have been raised in robberies.

The violence Reduction Unit of Scotland has said that robbery is a crime of despair, resulting in shortages in some communities.

Sexual crimes, including rape, have risen to a record high of 8%. In total, many historical offences are included. Statistics have shown a staggering increase in violent crimes across Scotland.

There is a huge social contribution to why people are breaking the law. Factors including poverty, neglect, low self-esteem, alcohol, and addiction motivate people to do so. Some are at risk of offending hurt because of their circumstances.

Non-sexual crimes

Non-sexual crimesOther non-sexual crimes in this respect including homicide, attempted murder, assault and robbery.

Scotland’s annual crime statistics have been published by the Scottish government. The report notes that the overall number of crimes in the Scotland bulletin for 2018-19 has risen by 1%.

The report also found that the criminal record is at its lowest levels, the police clear-up rate is 51% higher, which is one of the highest levels since comparable records began in 1976.

The statistics have also shown declines in some areas of criminal activity.

Dishonest crimes remain virtually unchanged. Fireraising and vandalism falling by 6%. At the same time, drug possession, crimes against public justice, or handling offensive weapons have increased by 6%.

Fraud crimes

Fraud crimesGenerally, fraudulent use of bank cards, failure to pay for products or services, fraudulent selling and phishing-type frauds increased by 28%. These offences are related to internet-based.

A separate report released to coincide with the new recorded crime figures, ‘ Non-sexual violence in Scotland’, outlines that the overall decline in violence over the past decade has been driven by a reduction in the involvement of younger men.

While some of the crimes have decreased overall, generally the number of crimes has increased. This has been associated with alcohol, drug use and repeats victimisation.