What Is The Most Common Leopard Gecko Morph?

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What Is The Most Common Leopard Gecko Morph

Leopard Geckos is one of the most sought types of reptiles. They are friendly, gentle and easy to take care of. They are attractive among lizards. Even reptile-haters often find it inevitably beautiful. There are a variety of leopard geckos, which are commonly called morphs. So every reptile owner is to sure finds the variation they want.

But what are morphs?…. A ‘leopard gecko morphs‘ are the difference in size, color, pattern, or other physical features of a leopard gecko.

There are currently over 100 different color morphs and combinations. Here is a list of some of the most commonly seen morphs:

Normal (wild type)

Normal (wild type)This is a basic yellow leopard gecko with black dots. These are the cheapest and most common ones available at pet stores. Don’t pay too much money for a normal morph to see.

High Yellow

Before there were more than 100 different colored morphs, there was a high yellow. The high yellow has more yellow and fewer spots than the normal morph. You can also have a combination of high yellow with another morph such as jungle.


An aberrant leopard gecko is a broken pattern, that is, if you have beautiful bands underneath the body and tail of your gecko, but there is a break in the pattern of an oval appearing instead of a line where you have an aberrant. You can also have a combination of Aberrant with other morphs.


This is a completely patternless leopard gecko, and is very similar to the Murphy Patternless. Blizzards can all be white, yellow or purple colors, while dark colors are also referred to as the midnight blizzards. Blizzards are one of the three morphs that also have eclipsed, or completely black, eyes.

Hypo Melanistic

To be considered a hypo, a leopard must have 10 or fewer spots on the gecko’s Hypo Melanisticbody. Some are allowed on the head and tail. If there are no spots on the leopard gecko’s body, they are considered a super hypo.


The Tangerine morph is a type of leopard gecko that has orange in it. Tangerine is often used in conjunction with another type of morph, such as a super hypo tangerine.

Carrot Tail

This morph description is specific to the tail. A leopard gecko that has its tail covered with at least 15% orange, is described as a carrot tail.

Red-Eyed Patternless Tremper Orange (RAPTOR)

The RAPTOR is an albino leopard gecko with an orange body and red eyes. Raptor morphs don’t have black spots and are considered combination morphs.

Halloween Mask

This type of morph has bold head patterns. As they mature as adults, their patterns and traits will continue to develop.


As the name implies, the Lavender morph describes any leopard gecko with light violet or lavender color on it. Many geckos lose their color as they get old age. It can make very difficult to reproduce this morph.

Hyper Melanistic

A Hyper Melanistic is a dark pigmented, but this leopard gecko is not black. This morph contains more of melanin than the lighter pigmented morphs. It will still have spots and patterns, but overall will be much darker coloration than normal or wild varieties.

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