Which Country is Best for ACCA Jobs

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Which Country is Best for ACCA Jobs


Choosing to study ACCA is a great step towards an accountancy career internationally. While accounting isn’t as exciting as other career, it is undoubtedly the most profitable. This course gives you the ability to work in more than 170 countries around the world. Something that can take you to the wider and corporate lifestyle and varied career.

Many commerce courses are also provided at the post-graduation level at College of Commerce.

Here are some places you can work worldwide with ACCA qualification:

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The United Kingdom

There are 327,000 accountants in the UK and various internationally recognized accounting firms, this includes ACCA, CIMA, and the body of proffessional accountants, AAT. If you want to work in the ‘Big Four’ or the leading investment banks of the world, London may be one of your main targets. 


Singapore is the best major financial centers in the world. Its international trade and increased foreign direct investment helping to boost the economy, and most of the population speaks English, and having close economic ties with Western countries makes Singapore the perfect choice for accountancy or finance.


The best place to start a career in accounting is Germany. Because it is known as the manufacturer of high quality products and Europe’s leader in technology. This country’s role in business internationally continues to grow. There are about 550 German companies operating in Hong Kong, another world leader of the finance industry.

New Zealand

New Zealand is an excellent choice for accounting and finance jobs because of its business investments, increased migration and international trade. Due to the local shortage of skilled financial workers, the country is increasingly attracting foreign candidates. 


The Malaysian Government’s ambitious plan to generate high returns by 2020 will stimulate the country through an open to investment and business friendly economy. With big cities like Kuala Lumpur attracting you, the industry is thriving, and it is hoped that the next few years will offer ample opportunities for ACCA-certified accountants.

Cayman Islands

The average salary for this country is $89,430. IFRS and other standards are also permitted. The Cayman Islands are placed in the list of countries largest and highest-paying for accountants. Located south of Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Another British Overseas Territory with a population of over 65,000. The assets of many international businesses and wealthy individuals are listed in this island or registered. Trillions of dollars’ worth of liabilities pass through the island. Depending on the nature of the business being done there and the statistics involved, there are naturally many ways chartered accountants make money on the island.76