Which Has A Wider Scope? BCom Or BA In Economics?

The difference between these courses is just a matter of choice. Both the courses have their own importance, so the aspect of wider scope depends on what one really prefers. When you have decided to put in all your efforts into something you end up exploring the wider scope for the same. So, the right way is to choose a course that interests you rather than the course that might be largely preferred by people or widely praised by people. 

You explore greater possibilities in the course that you pursue only when you have decided to experiment and learn further. Before we speak further on this let’s look at the differences between both the courses.

What is BCom? What do we learn from the course?

BCom is an undergraduate course that develops your skills in the field of business and finance. The BCom curriculum covers topics that focus on aspects such as organizational behavior, accounting, human resource management, business, and so on.

You can also take certain subjects for specialization along with your BCom such as

  • Actuarial management
  • Accounting and finance
  • Professional accounting
  • Computer application and so on

you can also pursue various professional courses along with BCom. Courses such as CA, CMA, ACCA, CS, etc. the papers involved in these courses are mostly covered in the BCom syllabus, so people wanting to pursue such a professional course along with or after graduation should consider BCom as an option.

Eligibility: 10+2/HSC/equivalent

Course duration: 3 years


  • Accounting assistant in organizations
  • Banking
  • Auditing department
  • KPO (knowledge process outsourcing)
  • Chartered accountancy or similar professional courses
  • MBA or M.Com

BA economics as an undergraduate course

Economics provides a base for the concept of business in general. The existence of business has so much to do with economics. So, it sounds ironic when people ask if it is ok to pursue BA economics as a course.

Many kinds of undergraduate and professional courses are being offered by the colleges and universities for sure, but a course like BA economics always stands irreplaceable for the strong base that it promises to build in the students.

Eligibility: 10+2/HSC/equivalent

Course duration: 3 years


  • BA economics holders have the choice of pursuing an MBA, MA in economics, and more.
  • Postgraduates in economics have job opportunities in the field of
  • Retail management, Finance, 
  • Stocks,
  • Public relations, 
  • Social work aviation, 
  • Tourism, 
  • Teaching, 
  • Hospitality, etc.
  • government sectors like the reserve bank of India, the Indian economics services
  • writing articles and reports on economic events in magazines and newspapers


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